Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My job is interesting....

 So I got a job at a little coffee shop a few months ago in my hometown. Let me tell you that so far my experience working here has been.....well....for better lack of a word, interesting. The place is actually very nice to hang out and have a cup of coffee or a sandwich, but on occasion you run into some really weird people.
I have noticed more and more, that crazy or just plain strange people, like to hang out at coffee joints. I really have no idea why, but they do. Of course not everyone is a crazy lunatic. Some of them are just obnoxious idiots that think they are funny, others are snobs or just super anal about everything. The other percent is made up of the "normal" everyday person.
I want to smack half of the customers that walk in. I actually had a guy argue with me about my own heritage once.
Customer: "You look like you have some Italian in you."
Me: "Oh, no, i'm not Italian. I'm half mexican and half white, so I can see how you might think that."
Customer: "Hmmm no...there's definitely some Italian in there."
Me: " i'm pretty positive there isn't"
Customer: "no, no...its there, I can see it."
Amanda (my best friend who also works here): "I have Italian in me."
The customer looks her over and then looks back at me.
Customer: "hmm i dont know about that, but she definitely does."

Are you serious? Who fights with you about what you I dye my freaking hair dark! I actually just look like a plain white girl with my natural hair color. Idiot.

OOOOOO....and the loomers!!! Holy crap I hate them! Loomers, as I call them are the ones that order and then stand at the counter and wait as if some coffee elf is under the counter, rapidly spewing out drinks so I can be like. "OMG here you go....your drink was made instantly as you ordered it!" and hand them their stupid drink. They will just stand there and watch me make their drink the entire time as if they are expecting me to be all, "MUAHAHAHAHAHA! I am putting rat poison in your drink because I have no moral standards and I hate you for no reason!" All they do is make me nervous and I make more mistakes. Just freaking sit down and be patient.

So yeah my work is a pretty fun place if you get past the weirdos....oh and the chairs... GOD I HATE THE CHAIRS! They are all mismatched and break all the time. We need new ones, but they just keep getting "repaired" until the next person sits on it and it crumbles beneath them. BESIDESSSS THAT...the coffee is fantastic and way cheaper than starbucks and the sandwiches are supppperrrr yummy.

Until next time
<3 Noodle Cakes

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