Thursday, March 29, 2012

I am.....The Procrastinator

Throughout my life I have always been the type of girl that...well...for better lack of a word, procrastinates. I am ALWAYS putting things off until the last minute because when I am told I have any type of time to do something, I feel as if it's an eternity.

Laundry? I have plenty of clean clothes....I think I'll just wear everything I have until I can't even find my own cat in the mounds of dirty clothes I have accumulated.

Cleaning my car? HA! My car is so cool it washes itself! This is what I think to myself until I am walking though a parking lot and can't find my car because it's now brown instead of white. (It doesn't get that bad I promise. )

Bills? Not due for another month.....oh wait....S#!@ when did the month change!?

I am so horrible at it that I even procrastinate at trying to keep a daily planner. Now thats sad.....

I remember all throughout grade school, I would get assignments in which my teachers would so kindly give us a generous amount of time to finish them. Would I do them right away and even turn them in early for extra credit? I think you know the answer to that one....OF COURSE NOT!

Instead I would run to my mom the night before and tell her how I "forgot" about this super important assignment that takes days to complete that hasn't even been started. She would in turn give me the look. Most of you know this look. The mom look of shame!

If you ask me nobody can give this look better than a mom. They can be in the best mood and be happily and sweetly going about their business, when BAM you act up and she suddenly turns into Clint Eastwood from Dirty Harry.

I would end up cowering in her 5 foot shadow and give her my best impression of a puppy who just got scolded for peeing in the house. It worked a majority of the time and she would help me get it done by the next day. 

I hate that I am a procrastinator and that I knowingly continue to be one. I will probably always be a procrastinator and... Hey I think I could live with that because I do get to it.....eventually. =]

<3 NoodleHead