Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I think I am a hypochondriac....

     So this is my very first blog and I really don't know what to talk about so I thought maybe I would talk about how I am feeling right now....sick.... This isn't something new to me and I am pretty much used to it, but now I am starting to think that its all in my head. I know that certain illnesses I have are not completely fictional, but I really do get sick way too much and its always weird stuff too. 
     Ever since I was a little girl I have been the weak little kid that had to be kept in a plastic bubble or I would get a cold, or some other random illness so bad that I thought my tiny little body would explode all over my dad who would give me every possible medicine we had in our cupboards thinking that by drugging me, i'd be better by morning. 
*side note* I fucking hate Theraflu! 
     Now that I am older I think I trick myself into believing I have something so much that I start to feel symptoms. Or maybe I am just actually always sick. I have no clue, but my sister says that i need to watch that new movie Switched, because the little boy in it thinks he's always sick and uses web M.D. all the time like I do. 
  I go from thinking I have fibromyalgia to my current thought that I have a tape worm. I'm half kidding when I say I think I have a tape worm, but there is this tiny thought in the back of my head that is making me think......its in there, with its nasty wormy body....wriggling....squirming....and eating my fucking food! 
   *Hmmmm....I think I just described being pregnant. Maybe I should check that out too. =] *
    The reason behind me thinking I have a tapeworm is because I have been eating HORRIBLE and still I am losing weight and I feel weak and my stomach feels like its going to implode in on itself. (I probably just have food poisoning) I like losing weight though so I think I am going to leave Scotch (thats what I named the tape worm) in there for just a little bit so I can look good for my Hawaii trip next month. Yeah good idea. I'm gonna stick with that. 
     So yeah, I probably am a hypochondriac and I will probably die of some weird illness. I used to think cancer, but thats too common. So its probably going to be something like Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Its a rare lung disease that only happens in women from 20-40 years old and fewer than one out of a million people. Yeah i'm sure im going to get that....*cough cough* omg I have a pain in my chest right now. Yeah I definitely have that. ^ I am too lazy to type it out again or to copy and paste so THAT is what im calling it. 

I hope I live to post another blog. 

K bye. 
<3 Noodle Cakes

P.S. I know my spelling and grammar suck......get over it.

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