Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Hate Insects

This post is more of an extension of one of my past entries about me being a huge crybaby chicken. Insects can be added to the list of things that freak me out. I can't help it!!!! Bugs are just so disgusting. They have those legs that are all.....long and leggy and they have fury or slimy bodies that wriggle around and are all....bug like. *shudders* 
I have found myself in countless embarrassing situations that involve me flipping out over something as little as a moth. Just the other day I was in Maui with my best friend and a moth got into our room. The moment I saw it I pressed my back up against the wall as if I were going to melt into it and away from the nasty furry flying behemoth. It flew around for a while and finally landed on the wall across from me. I knew I couldn't let it continue to occupy the room while I was staying there. I knew if I did, it would crawl in my ear while I was sleeping and lay eggs in my brain. Soooo...I grabbed my sandal and ran across the room to smack it. Well, I missed of course because I am highly uncoordinated and it fell off the wall towards my face..... As this happened, I screamed at the top of my lungs as if someone was coming at me with a hacksaw and flung myself backwards, only to fall over a chair and onto my ass. 
Amanda found it pretty amusing. 
Another time, I was driving on this winding road behind the high school going about 40 mph. I had the windows down and was rocking out to some sweet tunage. Everything was right in the world until i looked out the driver window. Hanging from a string of web was a little yellow spider. It looked hideous! Now since my windows were down, the wind started blowing the spider toward my face! So, like any logical person, I let go of the wheel and started screaming and slapping wildly at the spider so it wouldn't touch my face. Luckily it flew out the window and hopefully died, but when I looked up my car had drifted to the other side of the road. Thank god there were no oncoming cars. 
So if you ever joke around with me about having a bug on me or near'll probably get punched in the face cuz i'll be wildly flailing my limbs and screaming. 

K bye.
<3 Noodle Cakes

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